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Crystal Battle

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Battle your opponent in this fun challenging crystal switching puzzle game.A fun addicting game to pit your skills against a real or computer opponent,the object of the game is to destroy all of your opponent's crystals before they destroy yours.

Click the icons to switch them and make a match of 3 or more to damage your opponent's crystals. You have a short amount of time to make your attack move or you lose it to your opponent. Get a match of 4 or more in a row and get an extra attack on your opponent. Combination moves will damage your opponent more.

Blue axes will damage your opponents blue crystals. Pink electric bolts damage your opponents pink crystals, and green bow and arrows damage your opponents green crystals. You can also get double damage hits, shield defenses and refill your heart health as well by 25%, by matching other icons..

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Can you think faster than a computer? Can computers defeat humans in a game created by humans? You will get the answer to all the above questions by playing this wonderfully challenging game Crystal Battle!
Crystal Battle is a turn based strategy game, where you battle one on one, against the computer AI. Your goal is to destroy the opponent before it destroys you. If you lose, you will prove that the day is not far, when the planet is taken over by the machines and we humans, merely slaves at their command!
Here are a few tips to help you better understand and enjoy the game:
1. Both you and your opponent start out with 3 precious crystals each blue, pink and green. Your objective is to destroy all three of your opponent's crystal before your crystals get destroyed.
2. Every crystal can only be destroyed using a specific weapon. The blue crystals can be damaged only by the axe, the pink crystals fear the lightning bolt and the green crystals lay to waste when showered with arrows.
3. You have to create a row or column of 3 or more matching weapons to be able to use that weapon against your opponent. Creating a matching row of 4 or more grants you an extra chance to do more damage to your opponent!
4. There is a damage multiplier the double hit (shaped like a fist), which doubles the damage of all your weapons. Make rows of double hits to earn the fist!
5. You can shield your crystals from enemy weapons by collecting the valuable shields.
6. Make rows of 3 or more hearts to restore the health of your crystals by 25%.
7. There is a timer at the top of the screen. Make your moves before the time runs out!
How to play:
The game is played with the mouse. Use it to select two adjacent objects from the screen that you want to switch. Remember, making an invalid move will end your turn! So, make sure your move results in the formation of a row of 3 or more objects.
The game has simple and delightful graphics. Not too fancy, not too plain just perfect.

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