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Arrow keys may prove to be your downfall in this very challenging game. Use the arrow keys to guide the marble through the maze and to the end to pass each level.

Collect the diamonds and unlock the locks along the way to make it to the end of the level. Be careful not to fall off the edge or you will have to start back over at the beginning of the level again. You only have two lives so be careful how many times you fall off the edge.

No level is the same and no level is straight so be careful of the arrow combinations you use because it is not easy to navigate them. This challenging game will push your strategy and puzzle solving skills to the max it also takes skill and precision to pass each level and on through to the end of the game.

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A puzzle filled with fun and challenge! Marblet will keep you busy with fine-tuning your fingers on the arrow keys. The arrow keys forms the basic and the main control for paying Marblet. Only the right kind of pressure for a right amount of time on a combination of arrow keys can take the marble through the maze, assigned for each level.

In each level, you need to collect the given stones or jewels through the maze by maneuvering the marble using the arrow keys. Finally, you need to reach a green colored patch in the maze to advance to the next level. The earlier you can finish a level, the more points you earn. In case, you fail to end a level and the marble falls beyond the maze boundary, you lose a chance. For each level you have two chances. If you end up outside the maze boundary and not finish the level within the given number of chances, you can start from the same level by using a password.
This puzzle comprises of two major entities; the marble, which gave the puzzle its name; the path with elevation, made up of different hurdles, which renders different kinds of challenges for the player while controlling the marble.

The Maze:
The maze in this puzzle is a defined strap like boundary or path, on which the marble needs to be guided. This maze will, at times, present you with elevation, through which you need to guide the marble up. While travelling up or down an elevation, the marble tends to move slowly and it may take you extra effort on the arrow keys to push the marble through the elevation.

Tip: Never keep pushing one arrow key to increase the push on the marble. Most often, you would need to press a combination of keys. Only this time (while moving up) you may need press them a little more accurately, cautiously, and frequently.
The maze can present you with a lock tile (generally in mud color), which will not allow the marble to proceed in that direction. To unlock such an end, search for an area with a outline of the same color coding. Once you manage to reach that block in the maze, the lock is removed. Thereafter, you can traverse through the maze as usual. The end of a level in the puzzle is denoted by a green patch. After completing your task, you need to reach the green patch to complete the level.
Another tip: When you traverse through a certain elevation and reach the top, the marble tends to move faster due to the momentum it suddenly gains after covering an elevation and reaching a flat surface. At this stage, you may need to decrease the speed by using the back arrow key.

The Marble
The marble in the game has a virtual weight imparted to it. Therefore, while moving up or down an elevation you need to control its speed and direction. When the marble moves below the floating gems, the gems get consumed and improve your scoring. The faster you move the marble, the better.
Tip: It is a game of balance; balance between moving the marble faster and slowing it down to save it from falling out of the maze. Keep an eye on the timer at the bottom-right corner of the frame. Be aware, if you consume too much time on a certain level, you can score in negative!

End game
If you are not able to complete a maze and loose all your chances, you reach end game. At this stage, either you can register your high score or start from the same level, using a password, which given to you while beginning and ending a level.

This is a puzzle, which can actually help improving on your patience, logical thinking, spatial thinking, and accuracy. Playing through each level imparts immense satisfaction and a sense of achievement. Gung-ho! Happy maneuvering through the maze and keep winning.

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