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The real world is popular flash game played by more number of people all over the world. Many people who are interested in playing flash games loves to keep them relax and stay away from stress playing this game.

This game can be played online using computer. In this game one has to use realistic skills to play the game. This a multi player online role playing game where one can either play as civilian or as a military person. With help of pilots the military player has to shoot the civilians and the civilian must try to escape from the military aircrafts pilots.

For example there are many levels in the real world game, if one gets best and correct score, he moves on to the next level and attains the status as guild masters. For playing this special game one requires special skills to play this kind of special flash game.

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Real World is an awesome strategy puzzle game and is fun to play! The objective of the game is to safely land your character on the target. You start out at the top of a wobbly tower made of blocks of different types and sizes and you have to remove them in a strategic way, so that your character does not fall on the ground.

Here are a few tips to help you better understand and enjoy the game:
1. There are 2 different types of blocks the tower is made of orange and green. The orange blocks are simple. Clicking on them makes them disappear and the character falls vertically on whatever lies below. The green blocks are slippery. They also disappear in the same manner but if your character lands on it with some momentum in horizontal direction, it starts slipping on it.
2. There is another type of block the static block, which is immovable. It stays fixed at its location.
3. The number at the top right corner of the screen shows the number of blocks you need to remove to clear the stage. Some of the blocks might fall and drift outside the game screen and you would be unable to click on them. So, make sure to get them before they drift away!
4. Even if you successfully land your character on the target, you will not clear the stage if you have not removed the number of blocks shown at the top right.
5. The target you are required to reach will move on the ground if hit by moving blocks. Try to avoid that.
6. Removing blocks from the top might not be the best idea every time. In fact, it will be impossible to clear some of the stages if you don't come up with creative solutions.

How to play:
The game is played using the mouse. Just click on a removable block to make them disappear.

The game has amazing graphics and so is the music! Rock to the beats while making sure your character takes none of it!

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