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Rolly Stone Age

  Game Instructions:

Get ready to be sent back to the Stone Age when you play this brand new puzzle game. Your mission is to rescue the wooly mammoths and take out the cavemen who are hunting them for lunch. There are 24 exciting and challenging levels and in each one you must solve the puzzle of how to destroy the cavemen without hurting the mammoths.

When you click on the gray stones with your mouse they will break apart. Use this feature to cause the cavemen to fall onto the spears or holes. Each level has a timer, and you must solve the puzzle before it runs out. If you don't in time, don't worry, you can restart the level at any time by clicking the refresh button above.

When you go to the Level Select screen you can see your high scores for each level. See if you have the puzzle solving skills to get through all 24 levels and rescue the mammoths from the hunters!

  Rolly Stone Age Walkthrough

Rolly Stone Age, a puzzle game developed by X3M Lab, game developers. The main aim of this game is to rescue mammoth, a large elephant. You don't need to use your keyboard. You only work out with your mouse, work only with the left click. Other than this, you have options to mute game volume and music. You can view the main menu at any point of time, you can restart the current level while playing. These options are included on the top right corner.

Getting Started:
- After the game has loaded completely you can see 3 options:
- New Game
- Play
- More Games
- Select Play to start playing the game now.
- Now you can see different levels from 1 to 24. Select the level which you desire to play. Where as, for beginners there is only one level i.e.., Level 1.
- Play the game and rescue mammoths killing the early man.

Playing game:
- Your main aim of playing the game is to rescue mammoth. So, you need to play such that you kill the early man without killing even a single mammoth. Even if a single mammoth gets killed, you need to play that level again.
- You can kill the early man in two ways:
1) Throw him to the hollow hole
2) Redirect him on to the sharp cones at the bottom.
- You can move either the mammoth or early man, but finally kill the early man.
- There will be a count down of points above in the game. The points will decrease as you delay the game play. So, the quicker you play, the more you get.
- After you have completed all the levels and if you wish to play a specific level again, then press on play button directly rather than pressing on New Game on the main startup screen. Click on play button, select on among the displayed levels and play that specific level again to increase your points.

Walk through:
- You begin your game at Level 1. Where you can see "CLICK ON THE STONE TO RESCUE THE MAMMOTH"
- Click on the stone. The stone disappears and the early man will be directed towards the cones. He dies.
- Now you move on to Level 2, where in you need to throw him into the hollow hole. Click on the stone one below followed by the one above. Now, you can see both the early mans will be redirected towards the hollow hole.
- Likewise continue the game.

Other descriptions:
- The game was designed with a high graphical quality with small size, so there are no problems related to loading the game. It will be loaded in no time. The texture, images, trees, stones every things is of optimal to high quality.
- This game is mainly for the children, even for the adults, but adults can solve this game puzzle in small amount of time. For small kids this stands as a platform to develop their thinking abilities. The puzzle game are designed for entertainment and mainly for mental standard development, Rolly Sone Age is a good one to start with.

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