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Roly Poly Eliminator

  Game Instructions:

In this fun game of strategy you are tasked with the job of killing the evil Roly Poly. They have invaded and you must get rid of them. Click on blocks to remove them but be careful with your strategy because not everything will get rid of the evil Roly poly.

Click shiny blocks to remove them, when you eliminate all evil Roly poly's on a level you will advance to the next. Black blocks will reverse gravity and other blocks do other things. Some levels will tell you what certain blocks do as you progress throughout the game.

Complete the levels in the lowest possible time to be entered on the score tables. If you get yourself stuck or want to replay a level, just press reset or use the spacebar to see a hint by clicking solution. Make sure you plan your strategy careful to clear the board of evil Roly Poly's but be careful sometimes there are good Roly Poly's on the board too.

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Roly Poly Eliminator is a great puzzle game to tease the brain. It is one of many Roly Poly games that have seen great success in the free online games category. The concept of the game is based loosely around 'angry birds' but is very different from it. Tiny evil creatures the Roly Poly have invaded a village of peaceful inhabitants, who want them gone. You have been assigned the task to eliminate the evil invaders, so that life at the village can go back to normal. In the process of getting rid of the Roly Poly, make sure not to hurt the innocent by-standers. Every stage is different and you will get stuck in many places but that should not keep you from fighting for freedom!

Here are a few tips to help you better understand and enjoy the game:
1. There are two types of characters in the game. The evil Roly Poly and the peaceful looking villagers. Your goal is to eliminate all the Roly Poly without hurting the innocent by-standers.
2. You can eliminate the Roly Poly through a sequence of events. You have control over the sequence of events that take place within the stage. There are special tiles in the game which disappear when you click on them. Click on them in the right sequence to eliminate the Roly Poly. For example, in the first stage you have to click on the tile supporting the wooden plank first, and then on the tile holding the Roly Poly, so that it can cross the ditch and fall into the water. If it was done the other way round, the Roly Poly would have got trapped inside the ditch.
3. Although, the sequence in which the tiles are made to disappear is very important, it will not work properly in some stages if not timed correctly. Timing is as crucial as sequence.
4. There are many ways by which the Roly Poly can be eliminated drowning in water, burning in flames or exploding a bomb in the vicinity.
5. Roly Poly are tough! You cannot eliminate a Roly Poly by making objects fall on top of it.
6. As the game progresses, the levels become more challenging and new objects and special tiles are introduced.
7. If you are unsuccessful at your attempt to eliminate the Roly Poly, you can use the 'Reset' button at the bottom of the screen to play the level again.
8. You can select any level you have already cleared from the 'select level' option and play it as many times as you like to master that level.
9. Remember, your score decreases with every second you take to clear the stage. So, try to eliminate the Roly Poly ASAP!

How to play:
All you have to do is click on the shiny tiles to make them disappear. Click on them in the right order and at the right time to save innocent lives!

The game has a great design and beautiful artwork. The backdrop of the game is a beautiful country side with mountains and rivers, trees and shrubs and the occasional huts. The animated Roly Poly with their aggressive actions and the innocent by-standers breathe life into the game.

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