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Square Go Home

  Game Instructions:

The Squares want to go home very badly but they must reach their space ship to do so. It is your job to help them to do this. Use your mouse to help them to maneuver the obstacles in their path to get to their space ship careful one slip and they are done for.

Click the squares to make them jump; press the spacebar to make them move faster. Try to collect all the gems you can and strategize a way to get to the ship quickly.

The more gems you collect the more special levels you can unlock. This looks simple to do at first but you will realize that it is not as simple as it looks. Pick your strategy and go for it , the squares need you to help them get home.

An addictive, fun puzzle that will push your puzzle solving skills to the limit, can you get the little squares home?

  Square Go Home Walkthrough

Squares Go Home is a colorful puzzle game where you have to guide two little square shaped yellow aliens to their spaceship safely. It is named so because it sounds much politer than 'aliens go home'! The cute little aliens face many obstacles along their way and it is up to you to make sure they reach their planet safely!

Here are a few tips to help you better understand and enjoy the game:
1. The aliens move by themselves. Clicking on it simply makes it jump.
2. Information regarding the function of various buttons can be found on various information boards in the stage itself.
3. There are different types of buttons in the game which perform different functions. The black X-buttons act like a solid wall. Squares cannot pass through if they are activated. Aliens can walk over them and fall down if they are deactivated.
4. The blue colored buttons with the two directional arrows let the aliens pass over them if they are travelling in the same direction as the arrow. If the direction of the arrow is opposite to the direction the aliens are travelling in, their direction gets reversed.
5. The red colored buttons with an upward facing arrow, if activated, shoots the aliens into the air when they walk over it. You may initially feel like clicking on the aliens to make them 'double jump' when they pass over jump button, but this is not necessary.
6. The grey colored boxes with skull and crossbones are death traps. The aliens die if they touch it.
7. The two boxes near the spaceship with the black and yellow stripes is the final destination of the aliens. The aliens stop when they reach this box.
8. You can save some time by using the fast forward option at the top left corner of the screen. This makes the aliens walk faster.
9. There are crystals scattered at various places in every level. Collect all the crystals to unlock special levels. If you fail to collect all the crystals in the first attempt, you have the option of going back to the main menu and playing that level again as many times as is required to collect all the crystals.

How to play:
You can play this game using only the mouse. You may also use the shortcut keys on the keyboard for more convenience. By clicking on the little square aliens, you can make them jump to a certain height. For making them go higher however, you will have to use the specialized jump buttons within the game. You only have to click on the dotted lines around a button to activate or deactivate them. The button executes its function by itself. There are various shortcut keys on the keyboard - press the P key to pause the game and the spacebar to fast-forward.

The game has magnificent graphics. The yellow little square headed aliens, and the way their head heaves up and down when they take small baby steps cannot be missed. Even tiny details like the aliens periodically blinking their eyes, have been considered! The spaceship with the pilot, hovering at the top makes you want to guide the aliens to safety without wasting any time.

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