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  Game Instructions:

A very interesting but extremely fun matching game with a slight twist, clear the boar before time runs out. Click the tiles you want to select but the path between the two tiles must be free from other blocks.

The path from one tile also must not bend more than three times on its way to the other tile. If you make a right move you add 10 seconds to the clock but a wrong move removes 10 seconds from the clock.

There are 6 stages each having a different time to solve them in and a different number of pictures to match. If you run out of moves the game is over, and you must start again. The level is cleared when you have no more blocks left. If you get stuck try the hint button for a bit of help. Can you solve all 6 levels in the time it takes or less?

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Puzzles have always been a hot favorite among the many games children play. But in this fast paced era of games where the creativity that goes into making a puzzle challenging is by and far dwindling, children usually resort to fast paced action games that may not at all be beneficial. Puzzles have always helped keeping children alert and over the years have helped enhance memory and scientifically proven to increase concentration.

Connect 2 puzzle is a game that is not only enthralling and exciting, but sure to keep one focused and involved till the very end. Loved by both children and adults alike, the game comes across as a simple interface with very basic easy to identify tiles. What makes a game exigent is the time restriction and the number of identical tiles that needs to be identified in the set time limit! One is captivated with the very attempt and as the level increases so does the enthusiasm to win.

The tricky part to this very simple looking puzzle is the paths you take between to similar picture tiles. The path taken has to be devoid of any other tiles and the path bend cannot exceed two connecting bends. The sheer simplicity yet its credulous mind taxing scheme of play bowled me over.

The game play:
Connect 2 consists of easily distinguishable tiles that have over twenty pairs of similar pictures. With a range of cutlery and household picture tiles as the theme, this game can haze up your mind. More like a memory game, keeping in mind the rules as well as the color combinations and figures, this game really works in improving your memory power as well as the pace with which you identify similar objects. As the levels increase the so does the complexity with: Twenty five pairs of pictures of identical tiles for level 3 and level 4, with a restriction of time limit from 4 minutes to 3 in level 4
An increase to 30 similar tiles to be identified in level 5 and a restricted 3 minute time limit in level 6

The reward for each right move is a bonus of 10 seconds and a wrong move could cost a minus of 10 seconds from your already ticking clock. The idea of the game is to clear all identical picture tiles before you run out of time. Specially designed for kids as a concentration exercise, adults too can get hooked by the game!

There are always well written instructions in the game menu that could easily guide you well to play the game. Once you start the game, a rectangular screen consisting of disarranged pairs of similar pictures would appear on the screen.

Game tricks:
My suggestions for playing the game would be to: Look out for those pairs that are placed together and get them cleared of first so that you create a space or void that can help you clear pairs of tiles faster. Look out for identical picture tiles placed at the extreme ends- the bottom most line, the top most and the lines on the sides. Since there is no obstacle or tile at the extremities, your identical picture tiles are easily cleared.

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