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Isoball is a game of skill, precision, and strategy. Use the blocks and patterns to put the balls in the hole. Time your moves to win the levels that will challenge your brain.

The tutorial will give you more tips that will help you to play and win. Click to select the piece you wish to use, then click it again to rotate it if need be, click again to place it. The further in levels you go the more pieces you need to solve the puzzle and the more strategy as well.

Click start to release the ball and to go on to the next level. Align your pieces so the ball will roll into the hole for the win. For every four levels you pass you will reach a checkpoint. The quicker you play the higher your score will be. The less pieces you use the higher your score as well.

  Isoball Walkthrough

Isoball is one in a series of many puzzle games. It is one of the most challenging puzzle games where the goal is to precisely place ramps, bridges and turns to lay out a path to guide a ball into a hole. You only have a limited amount of time and limited resources, so you have to think of the best possible way to lay down the path. The game is tricky and the path to success is not necessarily the shortest or the straightest every time!

Here are a few tips to help you better understand and enjoy the game:
1. You can choose to view a tutorial video from the main screen, to get a good idea of how the game works. But you'll need to play the game to really learn and become a pro!
2. Every level, you are provided with a combination of ramps, blocks, bridges and turns and you have to construct a 'smooth' surface using some or all of the pieces given to you. Remember, the ball will shatter if it falls even the slightest distance. So, make sure the path has no steps or jumps.
3. After completing every level you can either move on to the next level or replay any previous level to improve your previous performance. Performance is measured by 3 parameters time bonus, skill bonus and piece bonus. Depending on the score, you are assigned one of ok, good, great and perfect rating for each of the parameters. Get perfect scores in all the 3 to get a 'perfect' total score.
4. After every four stages you reach a next point. If you fail to complete a stage in the stipulated time, you have to start over from the last checkpoint.
5. The time bar at the top is divided into several sections. Completing the puzzle before the first section runs out, gives you a perfect rating.
6. On getting target scores, your designation changes from a rookie to a specialist and later to an expert, and so on. You are awarded an orange colored ball when you first get promoted and a green colored ball the second time. Win all the colors and become a master of Isoball!
7. You still have a few seconds when the time ends, to place the final puzzle pieces. As soon as the time bar hits zero, the ball leaves its location and starts to roll. It takes time to roll down and if you have almost completed the puzzle but haven't placed that last piece of puzzle, this might be the last chance to do that! And once you do that and the ball enters the hole, you get a feeling of great satisfaction. I know I did.
8. Usually, the ball descends down the ramps, but in some levels, you might have to build a ramp to make the ball climb up and enter the hole.

How to play:
The game is played using the mouse. When you click on the puzzle pieces at the bottom of the screen they stick to the cursor. Click on the game screen again to place them. Clicking on the puzzle icon repeatedly will rotate the pieces.

The game has great graphics. The ball shatters realistically when it falls down and the chamber walls collapse beautifully after every level. But you never care too much about the graphics when you play a game which gives you little time to wonder!.

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