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Loops of Zen

  Game Instructions:

Restore each level into its state of piece and serenity by making sure that all loose ends connect. Click each piece to rotate them until they connect to each other and form one solid piece.

There must be no open end, open ends allow energy to escape and disorder to remain. Close the ends to keep the energy constant and achieve a perfect state of Zen. Loops of Zen is a very challenging and addictive puzzle game. It will stretch your logic and strategy skills making you think harder than you have in a while.

Can you help the puzzle back into its Zen state and help channel the energy into a constant? Left and right cursors will help you to navigate between the levels you have already solved. Pressing M will mute the music. Meditate your way through the levels and solve them achieving Zen. Can you make it all the way to the end?

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Time spent in playing meaningful online games that make one learn some aspects are rare to find. Among so many free online gaming websites, finding a suitable mind game or puzzle game is a rarity. But internet is full of such amazing puzzle games and finding them is just a click away. Loops of Zen is one such fabulous game that just pulls one into depths of magic involving energy states and equilibrium. This puzzle game is so addicting, that one may never notice how much time they have spent playing it. A different kind of puzzle game that needs one to think out of box and into loops.

About Loops of Zen:
Loops of Zen game reminds one of zen state experienced by monks where the enlightenment or the energy is always flowing in equilibrium. Only that it may seem little different with concepts of loops, energy flowing through them and a balanced state. Introducing this game to a person ignorant of zen states or energy flow, may be difficult, but not an impossible task. First levels are easier to solve even for a person who does not understand anything about zen state or energy disturbance. As one succeeds to higher levels, they will understand more deeply about zen concept and rules of this play. Loops of Zen is a mouse click game that can transport a person to different world.

Playing Loops of Zen:
One will be presented with diagram of loops, curves and lines that are in total disarray and without any connection between each element. One has to connect all of them into single flowing curves or lines to attain an equilibrium. One has to click on the curves or lines to make them rotate and form shapes that does not have a loose end from where the energy escapes. This may seem more difficult as one is presented with more detailed figures with greater curves and larger number of loops. One may want to begin by joining the small loops with loose ends beginning from a corner either at top or bottom and then start closing the open areas with curves that join with other loops or form connected small loops.

What one Learns:
Loops of Zen is a stress busting game that relaxes one's mind and makes them indulge into it more and more. Level after level, one is attracted and lured into bringing harmony in every piece of puzzle. Bad moods are easy to handle when games like Loops of Zen are available online. There are no points awarded, highest level played is marked when one plays it. But once a person likes this game, they are just not bothered about points or hall of fame. It is all about getting the right equilibrium with this game.

Who can play Loops of Zen:
Any person who thinks they are bored with usual puzzle games should try Loops of Zen. It is very different from the crowd of puzzle games. This game just draws one into energy flow and soothes them from the core.

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