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Magic Pen Puzzle has brought any game puzzles to another level. This game needs the player to use his own creativity that forms part an essential factor of winning each level.

Though, you may look at it as very simple and not at all a mind twisting game, you are totally wrong about it - it is not an easy game to play because you need to strategize a lot and think a lot as the obstacles get so much harder at different levels.

Challenges are perfect enough to make people enjoy this game every time.

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Unlike other puzzle games in which you need to complete the object by fixing together the pieces or by simply putting the random pieces into its proper places, players can have a totally different gaming experience on Magic Pen Puzzle as there is not really an image to complete or fix but rather you need to draw your own pieces using the magic pen to move the ball until it reaches the flag.

Magic Pen Puzzle is a fascinating game that is definitely going to tease you. You enter into a real world simulation of essentially just trying to get the red ball to pass the red flag simple. Well, it starts off simple but soon gets you scratching your head as you try out all sorts of constructions that you actually draw yourself. Gravity, momentum, hinges and pins are your allies in moving, or even throwing, the red ball to where you want to. It really is worth taking your time through each of the levels because they get hard pretty quickly, but it is so rewarding when you find out the answer for yourself.

The game is played by drawing shapes with the left hand mouse button that interact with the background, each other, the red ball and gravity. Each level is completed by getting the red ball past the red flag.

A lot of the drawing can be done freehand and you have a limited amount of ink to use from the bottom of the screen to create them and you cannot draw inside another object you've drawn. The circles are easier though; just hold the button and a circle enlarges around the pen. Use A on the keyboard and select a drawing to erase if you make a mistake.

Pins and hinges allow you to do a lot of complex stuff, to create a pin use the S key and click and to create a hinge, use the D key and click. Pins allow you to fix two objects together and the hinge allows them to be rotated. The objects can be pinned to the red ball to throw it too.

If you get it all wrong just hot the spacebar and the level will restart. Need a break from the puzzle then chill out on the free play level which has no red ball but everything else works, and just let your imagination go.

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