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Meeblings is a fun cute little challenging game to play. Use your logic and strategy to save the cute little Meeblings and get them home. Each color of meebling can do a something different.

For example Yellow will call others to them, blue will push them away, pink will reverse gravity, red will burn holes in the ground, green will turn into a leafy tree, and white will turn electrical stuff on and off.

But orange Meeblings can't do anything they just sit there and look really cute. Use all these different Meeblings to solve each of the 50 levels in the game and see if you can make it to the end.

Clicking on each of the Meeblings will activate their different power and help you solve the puzzle. But be careful this is a very addictive puzzle, even though it will challenge your brain and your puzzle solving skills.

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Computer and video games are one of the parts of our daily life. We play different types of games in computer or in other video game consoles. It makes us refresh and some time it helps to grow one's mind and make it sharp. There are different type of games we have in market, like strategy, shooting, racing, puzzle, action fantasy, and fighting. Meebling is one of a puzzle games we play often. It's a game from NinjaKiwi. At first it seems to be very easy but after some time u will have to use your logic hard to solve the puzzle. Playing this puzzle game is a fun. To make it more interesting the Meeblings are made like happy face, some time you will feel like they are singing.

Objective of the Meebling The objective of Meebling is very simple. We have to make a way out for the Meeblings at the sign shown 'way out'. You can get one or more 'way out' in different levels. If u misses too many Meeblings you have to restart the game .You will meet different type of meeblings with your growing skills. You just have to click and hold on the Meebling to activate it. When you will start the game you will get a placard written 'How to play'. After clicking that placard you will see the instruction written there about Meeblings you will come across in this game.

•The gold color happy face Meeblings are called Feebling. These Meeblings don't do much in the game. They only follow the other Meeblings.
•The yellow Meeblings called Herelings. They have the ability to attract other Meeblings. You have to use Herelings to rescue Feeblings.
•The blue color Meeblings called therelings. These Meeblings push away other meeblings from it.
•Then there comes pink color happy face Meebling called Gravling. It can fly because it has a reverse gravity. you will encounter this meebling later in the game.
•Next level you will meet a red color happy face Meeblings called sizzling. They have a special ability to burn things and make a way for Feeblings to move.
•Now to play the green happy face Meeblings you have to be a little bit faster. Treebling will grow into a tree to stop feebling being traped somewhere. You have to click the Treebling quickly before the feelings get trapped.
•On your way if you encounter any electric item an ash color Meebling will help you to turn it on or off. This kind of Meeblings called Zapplings.

You have to use the physical properties of all the Meeblings at its best. Thus you have to collect all the Meeblings at the sign 'Way out'. You will have fifty levels to cross. As the level will grow you have to think well to get the puzzle solved. Some time you may have to restart the game. This is the most fun puzzle game one can have online. You will have a good graphics and sound of Meeblings is really a fun. If you are searching a puzzle game Meebling is a good puzzle game.

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